PvP Lemmings follow a certain set of rules. Or at least we are pretty sure they do, because a good lemming never seems to divert from the following rules.

PvP Lemming rules

01. Buffing is not allowed!

02. Always use autorun.

03. Always attack the enemy where they are in greater numbers than you.

04. Dont heal - Its forbidden!

05. Jump! Always!

06. Insure that you each day watch a lot of crit videos leaving you fixed only on getting those crits yourself. Dont forget the other rules though.

07. Know that you can solo anything! If something goes wrong its not you - its lag or a bug. Be sure to tell others about this, a lot!

08. Use as many abbreviations as possible. FFS, NUB, KEK, LOL, BBQ, THX, BAI etc...

09. Spamming will help you win! Especially if you use the abbreviations mentioned above.

10. Above all. Never ever follow the objective of the battleground!