PvP Lemmings can be divided into ranks to quickly identify what kind of lemming you are dealing with.

Rank 0 - Potential lemming

This player actually knows what he or she is doing, so this isnt really a lemming - yet! Many players have the potential to start gaining lemming ranks, so be careful!

Rank 1 - Newb lemming

This individual is starting to show signs of lemming'ness. He or she will not always follow the lemming rules but will at random engage in lemming activities such as jumping, running around in circles or trying to solo a group of 5 or more enemies.

Rank 2 - Lemming groupie

The lemming groupie really want to be a lemming, but he or she does not fully understand the importance of using autorun to run at the gate of the battleground as soon as he or she enters the battleground instance. This lemming will try and copy all of the moves done by higher ranking lemmings.

Rank 3 - Lesser lemming

Nearly there, but not quite! This lemming follows the lemming rules fairly often. Its weakness lies in the rare cases where his or her team is actually winning. Here the lemming will sometimes disregard some of the rules and try and achieve the objectives of the battleground! It should be noted that this only happens very very rarely.

Rank 4 - The PvP Lemming

The fully grown PvP Lemming follows the lemming rules to the best of his or her abilities. A common trick of the rank 4 lemming is to use autorun while spamming the chat, and jumping several times between each line of chat spam.

Rank 5 - The imba super mister master lemming!

Only very few sightings have been made of lemmings of this rank. Not only are the lemming rules followed 100% but this lemming can actually make up new rules as he or she go! This rare type of lemming can also use "Aura of Lemming", infecting players in range with lemming'ness. This is especially dangerous for rank 0 lemmings.