Cause its fun! I play WoW, and the main reason for it are the interactions between players. You can learn a lot about behavior on the internet and in MMO's by studying the users of WoW.

- But more importantly, you can have a great laugh!


PvP Lemmings is a hobby project and was created and is being maintained by Kasper Raahauge Carset, a designer and communicator based in Denmark.



Many gamers know the series of Lemmings games. I think the idea started at a random gaming session where I was doing battleground. I played Alliance and in my experience this is where most of the PvP Lemmings roam.

Eight hordes are camping the base of the hill just below the Alliance graves in Warsong Gulch (not a rare sight). Every time players from the Alliance team spawning they immediately jumped down only to get slaughtered by the Horde and i remember telling a mate who was sitting next to me,

"Woah! This is just like Lemmings!"

Weeks later, after a huge amount of conversation about these newfound PvP Lemmings, I decided to create this little hobby project.